Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Online Random Dungeon Generators

Following up on my previous post, here are a few more random dungeon generators that you can find online.

The dungeon generator at is pretty cool. You only have a few selection fields to modify your random dungeon, but you can choose from a variety of styles including the above "Standard Tileset" look. You can also specify room density and whether you want your rooms separated so that there's not a single thin wall between rooms. Room numbers are automatically generated and placed for you. The best part is that the dungeon maps are easily printable.

One random dungeon generator that's a little bit outside the box is DungeonBuilder. You select the dungeon size, number of rooms and maximum room size, and DungeonBuilder creates and randomly places the room for you. You then have to connect the rooms with corridors and doors manually by clicking on each space until you get the desired result. This kind of generator could be useful if you are using a Random Dungeon Generation Table (such as is found in the original DM's Guide).

The most intricate of today's Random Dungeon Generators can be found at the Myth Weavers website. Originally designed by Jamis Buck, this generator is one of the oldest ones out there. Choosing from 13 different selection fields, you can customize your random design by size, room density and door type (note the concealed door on room 14 in the map above.) This generator will give you a potentially large, quick map if you aren't looking for diagonal hallways or multi-faceted rooms.

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