Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Very Cool Fantasy World Map Generator

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator. It is simply the best world map generator I've come across, and it is still in progress. With a bunch of options and customizable features, you can instantly create high-quality maps of different land types. Here's a screenshot of a world map I created in seconds with the default features:

As you can see, the generator creates country names and borders. For each map, you can also choose to view the map by cultural boundaries and elevation. Zooming in will allow you to see smaller towns and cities.
Here, I'm zooming in on 'Traison': 

By zooming in, you can also see roads, shipping routes and rivers. You can choose how many towns are to be generated on each map. It's also easy to add a hex grid overlay to your map from the options menu. You can add town or country names by using the 'Customize' menu.

Have fun tinkering around with this great map generator. There's even an old version here.